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Museum of Tolerance essays

Museum of Tolerance essays As I explored the Museum of Tolerance, I was surprised to find what is an environment of high tech media in your face interactive screens that educates visitors with human rights issues all over the world. The Museum explores areas such as the exploitation of women and children, threat of terrorism and engages visitors to finding solutions to the problems of human rights violations. I became a witness to the events of World War II while I was toured around room to room as if we were reliving the decades events in Germany from pre-World War II, through the rise and fall of the Third Reich, and liberation. I received photo passport card of a young boy whose life was changed by the events of the Holocaust. Throughout the tour, my passport is updated and at the end, the ultimate fate of the child is revealed. I felt Death. The Museum of Tolerance also showed an unforgettable timeline of all the victims of the Holocaust as well to all the patrons. From Hitler's rise to power, which was the initiation of a period that produced great fear to millions, to the destruction of almost an entire civilization. Millions were forced to live in ghettos, only to be deported later to the concentration camps to be inhumanely slaughtered via gas chambers or shooting gallery. Below are the chronological tragic details and events that remained quite vague until the liberation of the death camps: 1. THE RISE OF THE NAZI PARTY (1918-1933): It is interesting to find that many do not know that the Nazi Party started as a gang of unemployed soldiers in 1919. It is also surprising that this gang would become the legal government of Germany by 1933. In the next fourteen years, a once obscure corporal by the name of Adolf Hitler, would rise to be the Nazi party leader, would become the Chancellor of Germany. This type of movement in the world geographic sense, would be symbolic to the claiming of territories, people, o...

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Winners and Losers in the Arguments for Free Trade Essay

Winners and Losers in the Arguments for Free Trade - Essay Example This surge in the flow of services and goods will undoubtedly increase competition that, in turn, will lead to a decrease in the price that consumers have to pay for goods to the traders. When these elements are all combined, most economists are of the belief that global and individual economic growth will be achieved. The comparative advantage theory states that every country will produce goods at which they are extra efficient at production. So long as each country is able to produce goods that give it more comparative advantage, trade becomes mutually beneficial. One argument for free trade is specialization. Through exporting and importing goods, nations come to rely on each other for the production of services and goods at which it might not be too efficient at doing itself (Voituriez and Ekins, 2009, p. 11). When producers and countries are allowed to specialize in production of various services and goods, they attain more efficiency in service and goods production. It also let s individual countries produce services and goods for some things that they may have not been in a point to back when they had to produce everything they needed themselves. Specialization also allows countries, which had to provide services and goods for themselves when they were still not available via trade, to carry out other tasks. Yet another argument for free trade is efficiency. Free trade enhances a country’s efficiency, which, in turn, leads to an increase in the number of services and goods that country or individual can produce using the same resources (Voituriez and Ekins, 2009, p. 11). This encourages corporations to look for other ways of decreasing wasted resources that, in turn, decrease the production costs of goods. Various firms may also seek to increase their production because of the increased demand that will inevitably rise due to the existence of free trade. This will happen when they realize that it is possible to produce extra units at a per unit pri ce that is decreased. One more argument for free trade is an increased standard of living for the involved parties. Increased specialization and efficiency allow these parties to attain a higher living standard. As more services and goods are purchased and sold via exportation and importation, the amount of cash resources that are available in these nations can only increase. With individuals making more cash, they possess more money that they can spend on services and goods that they could use to import services and goods that can satisfy their other needs (Voituriez and Ekins, 2009, p. 12). Finally, free trade allows its participants to attain a better quality of life. Besides monetary gains to be gleaned by countries involved in free trade, economists use the argument that free trade highly improves the quality of life for its citizens. Free trade leads to the decrease in the possibility of war outbreaks, enhances the security of the nation, and leads to increased cultural enrich ment and awareness (Voituriez and Ekins, 2009, p. 13). The belief is that these countries depending on each other for services and goods are not likely to go to war with each other. Additionally, it is likely that they will rely on each other’s defense when a situation pops off. This idea of free trade also exposes individuals to various cultures that exist around the world that result in their personal enrichment. Winners in Free Trade The biggest winners in free trade agreements are transnational corporations. Free trade agreements erase tariffs, meaning that corporations pay less for them to sell their products. With reduced tariffs, for example, electronic producers can

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Research Paper Topics For Native American Studies

Research Paper Topics For Native American StudiesThere are some great research paper topics for Native American studies. You can use this article to help you get started with some of the topics that I've found to be great. I'm sure that this information will be useful to you in your search for a great topic for your paper.For many years, Native American studies was thought to be one of the most difficult ethnic studies in the world. That is no longer the case today. There are thousands of people who are already studying this subject and they are making progress. You should look into Native American Studies. And I'm not talking about studying only the government agencies, we're talking about researching and writing for Native Americans.Look at this as an opportunity to get involved with your subjects in American history, you can study the early settlers or even other cultures. You can write about any aspect of the Indian Wars or look at the causes of their downfall.One topic that I wo uld recommend for your research paper for Native American studies is the history of the contemporary Indian tribes. You can look at tribal leaders, schools, sports teams, the job outlook, and much more. This area of research is getting attention and will soon be in the spotlight as a must read for students.If you want to look at the recent use of Native American Studies in modern society, you can look at its new strategies of success, especially in technology. Look at the jobs of Native Americans, and how they're being replaced.Native American history is not the only history that you can look at either. Many other cultures have interesting stories to tell and you can write about these as well. Forexample, the history of the Chinese who were the first to turn water into steam and also developed the electric spark.As you can see, Native American Studies can be done on almost any topic. As long as you find a good topic, it will be a fun, interesting, and unique topic for your research paper. There are many topics out there and you just need to find the right one.

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Ibsen, An Enemy of the People analytical Assignment

Ibsen, An Enemy of the People analytical - Assignment Example in the playas the author portrays the negative side of small town politics and warns against political leaders who are solely rooted, having only a myopic visions for example Mayor Peter stockmann,when Dr Stockmann discovers the pollution in the Baths ,the Mayor instead doesnt want it publicized, he say that the report must not reach the people as he is threatened that they might questioned his work,( it was his idea to lay the pipes where they are) and may cost him for his improper leadership, an assertion that portrays his political role of bad governance. Bad leadership portrayed by Peter Stockmann made him disrupt Dr Stockmanns meeting and sway people not to give him a chance to read his report about the dangers of the Baths, the Mayor is interested in maintaining his position, while people like Hovstad are supportive as they want to have the report for their own selfish gain. Corruption which is an element of bad leadership is clearly outlined by the author in relation to Peter Stockmann political role in the play,as a political leader who is only interested in achieving his ambitions,Peter Stockmann ,want the medical officer of the Baths,Dr Stockmann to withdraw the report concerning the contamination of the public utility,what is obviously amounting to corrupt deeds.he forces him to write another report from further"investigation" that will resort the matter not as dangerous as imagined. Peter Stockmann, depicted an element of misuse of power when he refuses to implement,the report and the recommendations.Ibsen(1997) wrote that,Dr Stockmann is aware that Peter hates the idea of someone doing any service to the town except for himself ( p. 21) further more Catherine stockmann also doesnt want bad blood between the brothers and suggested that the Doctor should swallow his prides and agree that the Mayor was involved in the finding,she says" couldnt drop a hint that it was he who set you on the scent of this discovery"( Inbsen ,1977,p.21) this was to silence

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Top Tips of There Are Specific Rules when Writing a Conclusion of an Essay.

Top Tips of There Are Specific Rules when Writing a Conclusion of an Essay. The Good, the Bad and There Are Specific Rules when Writing a Conclusion of an Essay. First of all, you will write to have a position. True, your instructor is an excellent person to remember as you write. Ultimately, the following is a fantastic rule to follow. When you have time, you may add a conclusion after you've completed this. As a result, if you mean to dispense with one of the conventions of academic writing, it's a great idea to ensure your instructor approves of your stylistic selection. Your instructor would like you to consider something in a specific way for a specific reason. Sometimes they suggest the thinking process your instructor imagines you'll need to follow to commence contemplating the subject. Nonetheless, being conscious of this typical pattern will be able to help you understand what your instructor would like you to do. Avoidance of second person has been encouraged. Be certain to use a great deal of evidence to strengthen your points, whatever you're writing about. Since you may see, there isn't anything complicated about explaining the meanings of distinct words. A number of students know we have a number of ways to define the words or phrase. Your writing ought to have a point, and you ought to have the ability to say it into a sentence. The issue with supplementary discussion, nevertheless, is it can hide the true step. You don't want your topic to be this broad you can barely touch on a single subtopic before continuing on to the next. When you have chosen and explored your subject, you are going to be in a better position to learn which kind of argumentative essay will best fit your objective. Strong academic writing requires a stance on the topic it's coveringit attempts to convince the reader of a particular perspective or claim. Defining a matter essentially means framing it in a specific context. Don't forget that defining an audience means defining its degree of familiarity with the topic together with other such particulars. Whispered There Are Specific Rules when Writing a Conclusion of an Essay. Secrets Academic writing is a wide term that covers a wide number of genres across disciplines. Vocabulary also needs to be appropriate to the scholastic degree of the essay. The module or essay level might also be needed. Academic writing can, occasionally, feel overwhelming. There Are Specific Rules when Writing a Conclusion of an Essay. Help! KSAs are used together with resumes to figure out who the best applicants are when several candidates are eligible for a job. Learning how to write for an academic audience is challenging, but universities offer you vario us resources to steer students throughout the approach. Some professors don't have strong preferences provided that you're consistent and fully answer the assignment. Your university can offer several resources that will help you through the procedure for planning and drafting an academic paper. Which is essential for you as a customer. Instructions utilizing this tools approach are difficult to make work. Taking advantage of these resources has the additional advantage of pushing you to start the process early so that you will have sufficient time to write and revise several drafts. There Are Specific Rules when Writing a Conclusion of an Essay. - Overview For those pictures, all of them must include proper titles offering a small description about them. Illustrations are often vital to readers' capacity to visualize what they should do. For most instructions, you can concentrate on tasks, or you can concentrate on tools (or features of tools). When punctuating titles it essential to be aware that different types need different topography or features. In a technical writing course, instructions could expect you to include illustrations or other types of graphicswhatever would usually be utilized in the directions. Notice that most instructions incorporate a list of the things you have to gather before you begin the procedure. The New Angle On There Are Specific Rules when Writing a Conclusion of an Essay. Just Released Instructors are busy men and women, and even though they are typically more than delighted to assist you, do them with the favor of getting to your point quickly. This is where nearly all of the students begin to face with troubles. If you consider it, your parents are the people that you have spent the most time with, and you're learning from them throughout your entire life. All the materials which are not original to you must be correctly referenced. No matter what kind of essay you're writing or the length of time it is going to be, there's a set of reproducible actions you may take to get ready for writing, to compose your paper, and to revise your writing. For such an essay, it's best to start out with a thesis and jump right into your points. Now, it's time to pay attention to five steps that might assist you to compose the definition essay better. Regardless of what you're writing about, these 3 elements will set you on the path to a large essay. Writing a great definition essay isn't just about giving a dictionary explanation of the word. Not even an extraordinary writer can create a masterpiece the evening before it's due. It's possible to purchase affordable on-line help with any type of academic essays online. At first writing an excellent definition essay appears like a pretty straightforward undertaking.

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The Inexplicable Puzzle Into College Sat Essay Scores Discovered

The Inexplicable Puzzle Into College Sat Essay Scores Discovered Attempt to finish your SAT registration when possible, because the late registration usually needs an excess fee. Test scores on transcripts won't be utilised in your academic certification. Be certain to take this small delay into consideration when you calculate when you need to take the SAT. When you register for the SAT, you make an on-line account to achieve that. If your kid is eligible for an SAT fee waiver, they can send as many scores since they wish to colleges at no cost. The actual men and women highly praise our essay help site. If you're near the typical SAT score, you have a great chance at getting accepted into an assortment of colleges and universities (good grades will provide help!) By the de-emphasis of norms would appear to be a fantastic thing. A transcript of all high school work attempted is required along with the GED effects. If you should, practice the regions where you require additional work. To put it differently, there are a couple of pieces of information on your application that possess the chance to impress at first glance, and test scores are among them. The table below will provide you with a feeling of the forms of scores you will want for a wide selection of public and private colleges and universities. A Startling Fact about College Sat Essay Scores Uncovered At the close of the day, your test profile is just a single component of the application. You may create just 1 student account and submit only 1 application for the year you mean to enroll. You should submit only a single application. Complete the on-line application carefully as it cannot be changed after it's been submitted. Whatever They Told You About College Sat Essay Scores Is Dead Wrong...And Here's Why This outcome is truly quite pre dictable. Have a dismal showing and don't compel the admissions committee in different approaches and your application may not find the light of some other day. We won't have these answers for some moment. If you take the Essay, you will obtain a distinct score. The essay score isn't a component of the 400-1600 score. Even though the overall scores, section scores, and essay scores are the most significant numbers on your score file, they're not the only numbers. There's no composite SAT Essay score (the 3 scores aren't added together) and there are not any percentiles. If you aren't pleased with your performance on the SAT, remember that all colleges are contented to accept either ACT or SAT scores no matter where in the nation you live. Colleges can establish a very good score, but students may not. The score report will also have a percentile rank for every one of these scores. You will also get a percentile accompanying your entire score. The scores from every section can vary from 200 t0 800. The typical score on every section is 500 points. The Honest to Goodness Truth on College Sat Essay Scores They'll consult you on any situation. There's no one-size-fits-all solution to that question. Every one of both sections has subscores. There is likewise an optional essay section. The Little-Known Secrets to College Sat Essay Scores While there are numerous approaches to enhance the level of your SAT essay, there are 3 critical measures you may take to find the greatest possible SAT essay score. Also, in case you really struggle to compose essays under time constraints (due to anxiety), then you may want to opt from the essay. Learning how to consistently compose a perfect SAT essay is going to be a massive boost to your application to such schools. Your essay rating w ill appear on every score report you send to colleges, irrespective of whether the school demands an essay. If you satisfy the requirements to be a partial qualifier, you might practice and get an athletics scholarship in your very first year. For that, learn if your favorite colleges need such essays. ACT makes it hard to get a replica of your Writing essay, but College Board includes it as part of your internet report. Letters of recommendation aren't employed for admissions consideration. Essays might not be submitted separately. Your essay isn't going to be reread. If you've recently changed your email address, make certain that your account is updated. If you want more than four, you can purchase them from your online CollegeBoard account. At that point it might be well worth contacting the College Board to find out what the issue could be. Our site is just one of the most appropriate for essay help.

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Street Gangs Essay Example for Free

Street Gangs Essay Another risk factor involves domestic violence at home for these young people. If they aren’t getting enough attention and instead been getting enough beating from their families, these young people would rather be with guys from the gang rather than stay at home. More and more of these youths are being driven away from their families and towards the company of strangers because of the violence that they experience from their own families (Parco, 2008). If they are unable to feel safe at home, then surely they would feel safer anywhere else. Another risk factor would be the media that glorifies violence. Everywhere you turn, you see advertisements and movies about people killing other people, or people stealing from other people and getting away with it. If these are the things that the youth are being exposed to, then there is the likelihood of them wanting to be just like these hoodlums, these crooks who earn big money from doing bad things (Killian, 2007). With the existence of these factors, concerned individuals, especially the parents should be able to see the signs of their children possibly joining these gangs. But another risk factor arises when the parents are in denial of the gang problem. If they don’t give much attention and focus to it, then their children may likely be the next gang members. If these parents neglect the signs, they would often overlook anything that may be odd or weird with their children’s actions. Its better to be mindful of these hints, or else these children may all end up in gangs and be involved in gang related troubles. Another risk factor would involve the community. This is about the lack of adequate community youth support systems, which is essential in addressing the needs of the youth so that they won’t go towards the way of the gangs. Without adequate community support, more and more young people would opt to join gangs as they have no other means of recreation in their spare time. With much unsupervised time, the more these youth would be involved in petty crimes that could be blown to unmanageable proportions. It is best that these risk factors be properly interpreted and addressed if we wouldn’t want our children to join these street gangs. This is because there is always danger associated with being a member of these gangs. No matter what benefit a member gets from joining, there is always a corresponding danger with his association to these people. Gangs often have access to firearms and illicit drugs, thus exposing the young ones to the dangers of both elements. Fights between rival gangs are not limited to fistfights, but instead they can get seriously hurt or killed because of the guns that some of them posses (ClevelandClinic. org, 2008). Gangs view schools as a negative element, so they may influence their members not to go to school, thus hampering education for them. With police records filing up for the members of the gang, the more their future become blurred. These police records limit future employment opportunities for these people, leaving them with minimum wage earning jobs that they can work into. Gang wars and fights between members of gangs also put their families and friends in danger, as they often become an easy target for their enemies. There are several signs that parents and concerned people can look into in order to know whether one is a member of a gang or not. This includes a sudden decline in the academic performance of the child, as well as an increasing disinterest in school. Another sign is the withdrawal of the person from their usual family activities. They can also be heard using unknown vocabulary and peculiar clothing style or choice. They could also have a sudden change in friends and usual company. Weird hand signs are also evident, as well as having a new nickname. These people also tend to develop bad attitude towards other people especially to the family and authorities. Aside from staying out later than usual, they also tend to require more privacy for themselves even in their homes with their families (Boone, 2007). The information regarding gangs can be put to good use by deciding what approach would be more applicable to a person who may be associated to a certain gang. This could also be used to plan an intervention measure in order to save someone from the harshness of the gang world. References: Boone, D. (2007). Why Do Kids Join Street Gangs. Retrieved September 9, 2008, from http://www. gwcinc. com/Why%20Do%20Kids%20Join%20Street%20Gangs. html ClevelandClinic. org. (2008). Gangs and Violence Retrieved September 9, 2008, from http://my. aspx FocusAS. com. (2007). Why Do Young People Join Gangs? Retrieved September 9, 2008, from http://www. focusas. com/Gangs. html Killian, J. (2007). Why do kids join gangs? Retrieved September 9, 2008, from http://www. news-record. com/content/2007/08/26/article/why_do_kids_join_gangs Parco, B. (2008). Lack of affection, attention, fun push youth to join gangs Retrieved September 9, 2008, from http://globalnation. inquirer. net/cebudailynews/news/view/20080316-125016/Lack-of-affection-attention-fun-push-youth-to-join-gangs